BCR 170: Jason Ward, Birds Of NA Series

Jason Ward is a birder, writer and Outreach Coordinator for the National Audubon Society. Born and raised in The Bronx, NYC, his love for wildlife began at a young age, and fell in love with dinosaurs. An infatuation that provided him with an escape from the obstacles growing up in the South Bronx provided. Now, he gets to share his love for modern-day dinosaurs with the public, with his web series; “Birds of North America”. 

Jason’s mission is to change the way the public views wildlife, and to blaze a trail for future generations of children growing up in underserved communities.”

Show Notes: 

  • How did a kid from The Bronx, NY fall in love with birds?
  • For someone who is in front of the camera for the very first time, what has been most challenging about the filming process for you as a host? 
  • What has been your favorite part about filming Birds of North America?
  • How did this web series come about?
  • Your brother is a birder as well, and the two of you are competitive with one another. Who’s the better birder?
  • Are there any challenges unique to being a birder of color?
  • What challenges have you faced as a young birder in the Bronx and elsewhere?
  • What are you setting out to accomplish with this web series?
  • What plans do you have to include more women and young birders?

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