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Mardi Dickinson, Host


BirdCallsRadio.com is the official home of BirdCallsRadio™ worldwide, a radio show about wild birds and conservation, hosted by Mardi Dickinson. As host, my goal is to get beyond sounds bytes and employ in depth conversations designed to provide a more complete examination of the subject.

BirdCallsRadio™ & Podcast is available worldwide. All BCR Archives of each show are available on this website. Including, BCR Podcast ON THE GO directly on Apple Podcasts; Stitcher; Spotify; Google Play  

While the enjoyment of watching wild birds is the main focus of the show, BirdCallsRadio™ also places a heavy emphasis on bird conservation and getting children out enjoying the outdoors. Those themes run through nearly every show.

BirdCallsRadio™ may be reached by clicking  here.

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