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Mardi Dickinson, Host


BirdCallsRadio.com is the official home of BirdCallsRadio™ worldwide, a radio and podcast show about wild birds and conservation, hosted by Mardi Dickinson. As host, my goal is to get beyond sounds bytes and employ in depth conversations designed to provide a more complete examination of the subject.

BirdCallsRadio™ & Podcast is available worldwide. All BCR Archives of each show are available on this website. Including, BCR Podcast ON THE GO directly on Apple Podcasts; Stitcher; Spotify; Google Play  

While the enjoyment of watching wild birds is the main focus of the show, BirdCallsRadio™ also places a heavy emphasis on bird conservation and getting children out enjoying the outdoors. Those themes run through nearly every show.

BirdCallsRadio™ may be reached by clicking  here.

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