BCR 193: Marky Mutchler, LSU Biology Student

Marky Mutchler, LSU Biology Student and BCR’s 3rd guest in our series called Pay It Forward™ swoops and talks with Mardi Dickinson about LSU, Brazilian Expedition and her life and interests.

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BirdCallsRadio™ Host, Mardi Dickinson on location with Young Birders that discovered the Townsend's Warbler at Maumee Bay Lodge, OH. May 10, 2019. sm Photo ©Mardi Welch Dickinson KymryGroup™. All Rights Reserved.

Young Birder Finds Vagrant Townsend’s Warbler

Young Birder Finds Vagrant Townsend’s Warbler. BirdCallsRadio™ Host, Mardi Dickinson goes on location and catches up with finder Travis K and a group of Young Birders that discovered the vagrant Townsend’s Warbler at the Biggest Week in May 2019.

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BCR 174: Nate Koszycki, Pay it Forward

Nate Koszycki is BirdCallsRadio’s 2nd guest in a featured series called “Pay It Forward™” on this next episode and talks with us about his knowledge and passion for birds since the age of 6, along with bird identification, distribution, and conservation.

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BCR 104: Lucas Stephenson, Young Birder

Lucas Stephenson is our FIRST GUEST in a new featured series called PAY IT FORWARD™ on this episode and talks to BirdCallsRadio about his 11 years of birding and travel adventures as a young birder.

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