Yellow Warbler, spring, feeding on new growth Willow sp. catkin, Birdcraft Museum CAS, Fairfield, CT ©Townsend P. Dickinson Lis# DSC0905.jpg

Spring Warbler Trees. The Green Wave, Willow/Salix sp

Insect associates have a long and evolved relationship with the Willows their attendance is not accidental.

Northern Parula Warbler, male, spring migrant, foraging foraging for insects in new growth Red Maple samaras East Rocks Park, New Haven, CT ©Townsend P. Dickinson Lis# DSC8766.jpg

Spring Warbler Trees. The Green Wave, Red Maples

Red Maples come to life in the spring green wave, first the red flowers pop then the fruit…

Ovenbird (warbler), spring, calling on territory from Apple Tree, River Road, Kent, CT ©Townsend P. Dickinson LIs# D7F3244.jpg

Spring Warbler Trees. The Green Wave, Apple Trees

The developing green wave feast in turn attracts neotropic migrants, right in time.

Wood Thrush Hylocichla mustelina, wintering, PN Tikal, Petén, Guatemala. ©Townsend P. Dickinson All Rights Reserved Lis#J2O2231

Wood Thrush from Tikal Guatemala to Connecticut         

Wood Thrush foraging nearby in the shrubby forest on broken limestone at Tikal.

American Woodcock, foraging on forest floor, spring, Magee Marsh Boardwalk, Ohio ©Townsend P. Dickinson All Rights Reserved. Lis#D7F5250

Who Goes Peent In The Night

Early spring is the time birders are drawn to fields among the trees looking for a displaying American Woodcock.

Savannah Sparrow, Ipswich form (Passerculus sandwichensis) winter, sand beach covered with snow, Nantucket Island, MA. ©Townsend P. Dickinson All Rights Reserved. Lis# Z3V8058-Jan 03 2010

A Winter Harmony

The Ipswich Sparrow, a distinctive subspecies of the Savannah Sparrow.


Season’s Greetings & Happy New Year 2022 From BirdCallsRadio!

Wishing you all Season’s Greetings & Happy New Year 2022 from BirdCallsRadio

Lis#DSC5198-March 21, 2021-©Townsend Dickinson-Common Redpolls with one Hoary Redpoll, winter, Sherwood Island State Park, Westport, CT.All Rights Reserved.

Hoary Redpoll At Last

  The snowball Hoary Redpoll stood out from the rest the distant flock of Redpolls at Sherwood Island SP, Westport CT. We spent several hours, on two days, observing the flock of approximately 20 Redpolls, all were Common except for one clearly identified as a Hoary Redpoll. Currently the Common and Hoary Redpolls are each…

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