Fan-tailed Warbler rare vagrant from Mexico foraging on ground at Taylor's, Eastern Whitetail Canyon, Eastern Chiricahuas, Cochise County, AZ. Lis#J208344 ©Townsend Dickinson April 18, 2018 All Rights Reserved.

Fan-tailed Warbler, An Arizona Vagrant

This Arizona vagrant is a year round resident that favors lowlands and foothills in Mexico through northern Central America.

Golden-cheeked Warbler, male, spring, foraging in Ashe Juniper, Lost Maples SP, Edward's Plateau, TX April 23, 2017. ©Townsend Dickinson Lis# J206756 All Rights Reserved.

Golden-cheeked Warbler, A Texas Endemic

The endemic Golden-cheeked Warbler is on the Federal Endangered Species list.

Black-throated Gray Warbler, vagrant, male, foraging, spring migrant, Magee Marsh S.P., Oak Harbor, OH. May 14, 2018 ©Townsend Dickinson Lis# 18R8386 All Rights Reserved.

Black-throated Gray Warbler, A Western Migrant

The Black-throated Gray is a sister species to the Black-throated Green, Townsend’s, Hermit and Golden-cheeked Warblers.

Paul Desjardins, Longtime Birder. Photo Courtesy of Hartford Audubon Society.

BCR 206: Paul Desjardins, Longtime Birder

Paul Desjardins, the life-long times of a serious Connecticut birder, a meticulous record keeper of the birds seen worldwide joins us for an in-depth conversation of his 60 years.


BCR 205: Bruce Beehler & Tim Laman, New Guinea

Bruce Beehler, Ph.D., Ornithologist, Author and Tim Laman Ph.D., an award-winning National Geographic Photographer, on their new book, New Guinea, Nature and Culture of Earth’s Grandest Island; sits down with Mardi Dickinson for this publication date interview on all things New Guinea.


BCR 204: Jeffrey Ward, Science Communicator, NYC Birder

Jeffrey Ward, Science Communicator and NYC Birder fly’s by to talk birds, education & kids, birding and their habitats.


BCR 203: Lynn Barber, Big Years, Biggest States Birding in Texas and Alaska

LYNN E. BARBER, Ph.D., J.D. & Author of her latest book, “BIG YEARS, BIGGEST STATES Birding in Texas and Alaska”, sits down with Mardi Dickinson for this exclusive publication date talk on all things birding in Texas and Alaska.

Lauren McGough, Falconer Golden Eagle on the glove. Photo Courtsey ©Rob Palmer All Rights Reserved.

BCR 202: Lauren McGough, Falconer

Dr. Lauren McGough is a licensed and practicing falconer of the ancient tradition since age 14 and is one of the very few American women to do so. Her love of falconry has taken her all the way to Mongolia, where she studied with Kazakh eagle hunters.


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