BCR 154: Chidi Paige, BirdWiser Inventor

Chidi Paige, who is a scientist and an educator. She is passionate about hands-on science education and learning through play. Chidi is the inventor of the game called BirdWiser™, a suit of fun educational games, flys by to talk with BirdCallsRadio.

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BCR 153: Daniel Lewis, Bird Evolution in Hawai’i

Daniel Lewis, Author of Belonging on an Island: Birds, Extinction, and Evolution in Hawai’i, flies by to talk with BirdCallsRadio about an environmental history of extinction and survival among the Hawaiian avifauna.

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BCR 152: Donald Kroodsma, Birdsong

Donald Kroodsma Ornithologist, Scientist and Preeminent expert in the art and science of listening to Birdsong. Please join us on New Year’s Day 2019 for this exciting conversation.

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BCR 151: Jeff Wells, Boreal Songbird Initiative

Dr. Jeff Wells is the Science and Policy Director for the Boreal Songbird Initiative. He has earned a reputation as one of the nation’s leading bird experts and conservation biologists. Join us Christmas Day for this episode. 

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BCR 150: John Kricher, The New Neotropical Companion

John Kricher, Author of numerous books and most recent book The New Neotropical Companion (2017), a third edition of John’s successful book, A Neotropical Companion joins BCR’s 150th show for this epic conversation.

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BCR 149: Michael DiGiorgio, Artist

Michael DiGiorgio is a nationally recognized artist and has been painting birds since the age of five. Michael began to study bird paintings from the late Don Eckelberry in 1979. Committed to painting from life he has traveled extensively to create field sketches and fine art of birds, plants, and habitats. Michael is currently illustrating plates for Birds of South America vol.3 with Robert Ridgley and Guy Tudor. Please join BirdCallsRadio for this extraordinary conversation.

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