BCR 190: Ted Gilman, Senior Naturalist

Ted Gilman, Senior Naturalist and Education Specialist for Greenwich Audubon and BCR’s 9th guest in our featured series called “For The Record, Legacy Interviews.”

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BCR 173: Wayne E. Petersen, Legacy Interview

Wayne R. Petersen is Director of the Massachusetts Important Bird Areas (IBA) Program at the Mass Audubon Society and our 8th guest in our featured series called “For The Record, Legacy Interviews.”

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Dr. Sidney A. Gauthreaux, Jr. in front of a television monitor that shows tracks of migrating birds at night recoded with a thermal imaging camera. The display of a vertically pointing radar is inserted on the side of the thermal image. The vertically pointing radar is used to measure the height of the birds observed with the thermal imaging camera. ©Carroll Belser. All Rights Reserved.

BCR 112: Sidney Gauthreaux

Sidney Gauthreaux Jr. Ph.D. leading radar ornithologist talks about using radars to quantify Trans-Gulf of Mexico bird migration.

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Helen Hays, Director of Great Gull Island Project ©Joe DiCostanzo All Rights Reserved

BCR 108: Helen Hays, Great Gull Island

Helen Hays has directed, since 1969, the ongoing Tern Research project on Great Gull Island designed to study and preserve this major colony for the American Museum of Natural History in New York City, which gained control of the Island in 1949. Today, Great Gull Island tern colony makes this the largest such colony of Roseate’s in the Western Hemisphere.

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BCR 100: Victor Emanuel  

Victor Emanuel is our fifth guest in this series called “For The Record, Legacy Interviews” Featured on our 100th Episode, talks to BirdCallsRadio about his 69 years of birding and travel adventures.

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BCR 099: Debi Shearwater

Debi Love Shearwater is our fourth guest in a series called “For The Record, Legacy interviews”, talks to BirdCallsRadio about her passion for pelagic trips, the natural world and lifelong contributions to wild birds and conservation. Debi is a world traveler well known for establishing Shearwater Journeys inc, a company which has offered pelagic trips from California since 1976.

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