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BirdCallsRadio: John Moeling

John Moehling of the Norwalk Land Trust. John discusses the importance of perserving land, getting kids out in nature and the Norwalk Land Trust.

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BirdCallsRadio: David Park

David Park is a kayaker and author of “Kayaking In and Around the Norwalk Islands.”

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BirdCallsRadio: Tina Green

Tina Green talks about birding Sherwood Island, volunteering and finding the Fork-tailed Flycatcher at Cove Island Wildlife Sanctuary.

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BirdCallsRadio: Frank Gallo

Frank Gallo of Connecticut Audubon talks about his team’s Big Day, which set a Connecticut record for most bird species seen in one day.

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Here is the April 30, 2011, BirdCallsRadio show talking about the warblers that visit New England.

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BirdCallsRadio: Margaret Ardwin

Margaret Ardwin, naturalist at Earthplace (formerly Westport Nature Center) talks about universal trail design, getting children involved in the outdoors and Earthplace.

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BCR 005: Townsend P. Dickinson, Exquisite Timing of birds Migration

Townsend P. Dickinson talks about the “Exquisite Timing™” of birds on Migration of birds.

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BCR 04: Bill Wilson, Birds & Beans Coffee

Bill Wilson, founder of Birds and Beans Coffee, Bill describes how and why he founded the bird-friendly coffee and the importance of drinking bird-friendly coffee. Here is the April 9, 2012, BirdCallsRadio show.

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