BirdCallsRadio: Joseph Zeranski

Joe Zeranski, co-author of Connecticut Birds, talks about the history of birds in Connecticut and how the book came together. He also talks about bird population shifts in the United States.


BirdCallsRadio: Wayne Roberts

Wayne Roberts, regional director of Ducks Unlimited, discusses on BirdCallsRadio the importance of preserving land for birds and hunting as a conservation tool. Joe Warren of Wild Birds Unlimited talks about helping baby birds. Host Chris Bosak talks about snapping turtles and ducks.


BirdCallsRadio: Keith Tomlinson

Keith Tomlinson Norwalk, Ct., birdwatcher talks about his experiences with birdingpal.org, both as a guide and visitor being guided. He also talks about volunteering for the birds. Host Chris Bosak talks about red, white and blue in the birding world. Joe Warren of Wild Birds Unlimited talks about bats and bat boxes.


BirdCallsRadio: Dara Reid

Dara Reid, founder and director of Wildlife in Crisis in Weston, talks to BirdCallsRadio about wildlife rehabilitation and the busy summer months for her profession. Joe Warren of Wild Birds Unlimited talks about a recent trip to Texas. Host Chris Bosak talks about backyard birds, including the Blue Jay.


BirdCallsRadio: Jeannie Mortensen

Jeannie Mortensen, garden specialist with Stew Leonard’s. Jeannie talks about how to attract birds and butterflies to your garden using native plants and flowers. Archive here is from June 11, 2012.


BirdCallsRadio: Richard Crossley #1

Richard Crossley Author of The Crossley ID Guide Book talks about his newly released Crossley Guide and how he got the thousands of photographs needed to accompany the guide. He also talks about getting the next generation involved in birdwatching.


BirdCallsRadio: John Moeling

John Moehling of the Norwalk Land Trust. John discusses the importance of perserving land, getting kids out in nature and the Norwalk Land Trust.


BirdCallsRadio: David Park

David Park is a kayaker and author of “Kayaking In and Around the Norwalk Islands.”


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