BirdCallsRadio: Richard Crossley #2

Richard Crossley, author of the Crossley ID Guide, talks to BirdCallsRadio about Pledge to Fledge, and getting more people involved in birdwatching. Host Chris Bosak talks about bald eagle hunting, rarities in New England and the American Woodcock.


BirdCallsRadio: James Currie

James Currie, host of Birding Adventures TV, talks to BirdCallsRadio about a rare hummingbird and his crew filmed in South America, his TV show, birding around the world, mingling with locals and “golden birds.”


BirdCallsRadio: Benjamin Van Doren

Benjamin Van Doren, a high school senior and finalist in the Intel Science Talent Search, talks about night migration, young birders clubs, the World Series of Birding, the future of birdwatching, puffins, and conservation. Joe Warren of Wild Birds Unlimited talks about starlings and grackles at backyard feeders.


BirdCallsRadio: Jayne Neville

Jayne Neville, founder and owner the Mount Vernon Songbird Sanctuary, joins BirdCallsRadio to discuss songbird rehabilitation, nursing hummingbirds back to health, releasing rehabilitated birds back into the wild, and her new chimney swift house. Host Chris Bosak talks about Red-bellied Woodpeckers.


BirdCallsRadio: Milan Bull #2

Milan Bull, senior director of conservation and science at Connecticut Audubon, talks about the CT 2012 State of the Birds, which focuses on getting children outdoor and into nature. He also reveals the topic for the 2013 report.


BirdCallsRadio: John Fitzpatrick #2

Dr. John Fitzpatrick, director of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, talks to BirdCallsRadio at length about the Great Backyard Bird Count. He also addresses a variety of other bird-related topics. Joe Warren of Wild Birds Unlimited talks about attracting birds to your backyard.


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