BirdCallsRadio: John Fitzpatrick #1

BirdCallsRadio welcomes Dr. John Fitzpatrick, director of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, to the show as he discusses his organization, conservation, birding in general, the Ivory-billed Woodpecker and other topics related to birding. Host Chris Bosak talks about woodpeckers.


BirdCallsRadio: Patrick Comins

Patrick Comins, director of bird conservation for Audubon Connecticut, discusses with BirdCallsRadio protecting land for birds and how the process happens. He also talks about what’s next for conservation and birding in general.


BirdCallsRadio: Ted Gilman

Ted Gilman, well-known naturalist at Audubon Greenwich, talks to BirdCallsRadio about the importance of protecting birds, traveling to see birds and getting to know well a specific park for birding.


BirdCallsRadio: Floyd Scholz

Floyd Scholz, master carver and 2011 Connecticut Audubon Artist of the Year, talks to BirdCallsRadio about getting started in bird carving, how to sell art, getting interested in nature, and riding his unicyle while playing the banjo (yeah, that’s right). Joe Warren of Wild Birds Unlimited talks about fall bird feeding. Host Chris Bosak talks about an upcoming camping trip.


BirdCallsRadio: Jenny Dickson

Jenny Dickson, biologist with Connecticut DEEP, talks to BirdCallsRadio about a variety of wildlife topics such as bats, moose, saving birds, bird populations, and how DEEP tracks certain wildlife.


BirdCallsRadio: Luke Tiller

Luke Tiller, Connecticut birdwatcher, tells BirdCallsRadio about the hawk watch at Quaker Ridge in Greenwich, Ct. He talks about how to ID hawks in flights and a variety of other bird-related topics. Joe Warren of Wild Birds Unlimited talks about hurricanes and how they impact birds.


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