BCR 114: Floyd Scholz, Master Bird Carver

Floyd Scholz is universally recognized as one of the preeminent Woodcarvers and Painters in the World today. During the past 35 years he has enjoyed tremendous success as a professional Artist, Author, Teacher and Musician. 

In the late 70`s, Floyd was a nationally ranked Track and FieldStar specializing in the grueling 10 event Decathlon. He was a 3 time All American, and 1979 NCAA National Champion, and recipient of a Presidential Citation. While training for the 1980 Olympics in Moscow, he and so many others learned that they would never get the chance to realize their athletic dreams due to the Carter Boycott.

Without looking back, Floyd moved up to the mountains of Vermont from his native Connecticut and started a new life. He redirected his focus on his Artwork and Music which turned out to be a very good move!

As a 5 time U.S. National Champion and 2005 World Master`s Best in Show Champion his astonishing portrayal of Eagles, Hawks, Owls and other birds have won him a large enthusiastic international following.

As the author of 7 award winning books on Raptors, Floyd`s passion for Birds and love of Art has been shared with generations of bird lovers and artists worldwide.

In an article in People magazine Floyd was once referred to as one of the world`s true “Renaissance men”

In the Spring of 2014, Floyd was recognized as one of Bird carving`s Living Legends by the Ward Foundation World Championships.

Show Notes:

  • What is your early background, when did you become interested in the natural world?
  • Describe your early career, what forces drew you to bird carving?
  • Floyd, Your best known for your Raptors… Eagles, Hawks, Falcons and Owls… why?
  • Technique is important to any artist, how have yours changed or evolved over the years?
  • What type of wood do I carve my birds from and what makes it so special
  • What skill did you feel you must master to move to another level?
  • What is it like to take a commission to produce a work of art? Walk us through the process please.
  • How long does it take, and do you do preliminary sketches for concept approval?
  • What are some of the tools a modern master carver employs.
  • What about fine feather details, carved and painted?
  • Is there a bird that you have not carved that you know you want to carve?

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Floyd Scholz

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