BCR 120: Seabrooke Leckie, Peterson Guide Southeastern Moths


SEABROOKE LECKIE is a freelance writer and naturalist who became interested in moths after realizing they suited her night-owl tendencies much better than birds. She lives in eastern Ontario with her husband and two young kids, with whom she enjoys roaming their rural yard and discovering its inhabitants, six-legged and otherwise.

Show Notes:

  • How did you and your co-author end up completing a field guide to moths?
  • What were your objectives?
  • How many species of moths are there in the region covered by the moth book?
  • How many those species are covered by this book?
  • How did you pick the species to include?
  • Tell us about the host plants mentioned, how could they be used to find target moths?
  • How did you get into moths?
  • What’s the difference between moths and butterflies?
  • tips for beginners wanting to get started with moths?
  • Can you talk a bit about the diversity of moths?
  • Do you plan to do similar moth guides for other regions?

Mentioned In Episode:

Seabrooke Leckie Website

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