BCR 174: Nate Koszycki, Pay it Forward

On Today’s show is one of our featured series called “Pay It Forward™” with this series 2nd guest Nate Koszycki and talks with us about his knowledge and passion for birds since the age of 6, including bird identification, distribution, and conservation.

Nate Koszycki thanks the brilliant red of the Northern Cardinal that started started his birding in Toledo, Ohio at the age of six. In 2013, Nate was interviewed by Birds and Blooms Magazine and has since worked hard on extending his knowledge and passion for bird identification, distribution, and conservation with help from his birding mentors and second family, Kenn and Kimberly Kaufman, and the rest of Black Swamp Bird Observatory.

Nate started guiding at age 15, and has since been leading walks for BSBO, the Biggest Week in American Birding, Ohio Young Birders Club, and Toledo Naturalists’ Association. Nate has written both for Audubon and Birds and Blooms magazines; he continues to write on various birding topics, including aspects of young birding. As an undergrad freshman studying Environmental Studies at the University of Toledo, Nate is currently running a campuswide bird window-strike monitoring project in affiliation with Bird-safe Toledo.

Show Notes: 

  • Ohio native, tell us about the area you grew up birding in?
  • What got you into birds and how old were you?
  • Birds and Blooms Magazine in 2013
  • Work hard to improve your skills in all things bird.
  •  The sphere of the Black Swamp Observatory
  • You count Kenn and Kimberly Kaufman as mentors, elaborate on their influence in your life.
  •  Ohio Young Birders Club and your participation in this club?
  • Writing pieces on birding topics.
  • Guiding bird walks since you were 15
  • Freshman at University of Toledo studying Environmental Sciences
  • Participation in a Red-headed Woodpecker research project.
  • Campus wide window strike-monitoring project. what effects window strikes have on birds?

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  1. David Simmons on July 24, 2019 at 4:13 pm

    Nate is such an impressive birder and young man. Nice interview with a passionate birder. Go Titans!

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