BCR 176: Nancy Grant, Binge Birding


Nancy Grant is a working journalist and researcher, as well as an active naturalist. Her special area of expertise is the electric power industry and she have over 350 scientific and technical articles published since 1986. These skills along with accurate field notes enabled Nancy to capture in great detail the places and things she saw. Sharing trip photos on social media led to the desire to share these observations with others.

Show Notes: 

  • Tell us about how you planned for this trip and what you brought along to meet your goals. 
  • You met some interesting people along the way, your book you’ve chosen to not use their real names. Why?
  • You give a talk entitled “On the feathered trail. Birding the friendly way.”
  • Food preferences of the birds you observe, and how they hunt for that food. You are also careful to include details about your meals, and that you sought out food at one-off establishments rather than chains.
  • As a woman, traveling alone, what, if any, special precautions did you take to ensure your safety?
  • What advice do you have for others who contemplate a road trip for the birds?
  • Note taker, your process for taking field notes, what elements you were especially keen to document.
  • Visited Goose Island State Park in Texas. Your philosophy and the items you bring along with you.
  • Where do you want to go next?

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Nancy Grant

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