BCR 187: Richard Crossley, The ID Boot Camp


Richard Crossley an internationally acclaimed birder, photographer and Co-Authored of The Shorebird Guide w Michael O’Brien • Richard Crossley • Kevin Karlson. And an award winning author of  ‘The Crossley ID Guide’ series. And now a NEW venture called The ID Boot Camp!

Our goal is to provide you the opportunity to ID birds in a simple way, to build your confidence, and enhance your encounters with the natural world. ID Boot Camp with Richard Crossley and Holly Merker 

Show Notes:

  • Reflections on past shows and projects.
  • Your approach to Bird Guides has been revolutionary and innovative.
  • Publishing birds guides, what works and what you would change.
  • Story of how you learned to identify birds.
  • NEW VENTURE: The ID Boot Camp
  • Skills and techniques that you will employ will be effective.
  •  The ID Boot Camp Co-Founder, Holly Merker.
  • Noticeable hole in your bird guide coverage of North America, care to share.

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