BCR 203: Lynn Barber, Big Years, Biggest States Birding in Texas and Alaska


Lynn E. Barber is the 1st women to complete a North American Big Year & identify over 700+ species; Shares her experience in these two diverse landscapes  of Texas and Alaska and explains how to plan & enjoy a Big Year of your own with over 100+ color photos along with illustrations in her latest book. 

Lynn was born in Wisconsin, and has lived (in order) in Alaska, Oregon, North Carolina, Texas, South Dakota, and now again, Alaska. Her books, Extreme Birding: One Woman’s Big Year(2011);Birds in Trouble (2016); and Big Years, Biggest States: Birding in Texas and Alaska (2020) were published by Texas A&M University Press. Other avocations include painting birds, bird-photography, giving bird-related talks, church volunteer activities, playing the hammered dulcimer, and baking cookies. She is married to David Barber, a meteorologist with the US Weather Service in Anchorage.

Show Notes:

  • You have done several biggest years in addition to the two mentioned in this book, tell us about the others.
  • Tell us about the Texas Big Year.
  • Next big year was Alaska, what was the plan for this vast state with few roads?
  • What was the best and hardest bird in Texas and Alaska?
  • Tell us about the illustrations both photos and art found in the text?
  • Devote considerable space in the book to include an extensive write up of each species seen listed by state.
  • Doing a big year may be expensive, break this down for us.
  • Essential kit for a big year type travel either by auto or by planes, clothes, equipment, note taking and such.
  • Final statistics for each portion.
  • Describe your vision for the outrageous biggest year.
  • What were your concerns as a sometimes solo traveler about your safety?
  • What advice do you have for someone considering a biggest year?

Mentioned In Episode:

Purchase Book directly Click link here Lynn E. Barber Email: dalybar@aol.com Call:  682-365-6531

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