Bird Calls Radio's Bird of the Day for Saturday, Sept. 3

Great horned owl by Chris Bosak (copyright, all rights reserved)

Bird Calls Radio’s Bird of the Day for Saturday, Sept. 3, is the great horned owl. New England is home to several owl species, but the great horned owl is probably the most well known. Great horned, as well as barred owls, are the most widespread and common.

Great horned owls utter their familiar “who’s awake, me too” call evenings and nights. Any camping experience is a great one, but one that includes the night call of an owl is that much more special.

Great horned owls are not only common in widespread in New England, but the world as well. They are found as high as the Arctic and as low as the Tropics.

Their “ears” or “horns” are actually neither, but rather ear tufts.

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