Episode #079: Biking For Birds with Dorian Anderson

Dorian Anderson, Biking For Birds 2014. Norwalk, CT. ©Mardi Welch Dickinson/KymryGroup.

Dorian Anderson, Biking For Birds stops in southern CT for an interview with host Mardi Dickinson on BirdCallsRadio on  January 17, 2014. ©Mardi Welch Dickinson/KymryGroup. All Rights Reserved.

Dorian Anderson Biking For Birds joins host Mardi Dickinson on location in southern Connecticut in a impromtu interview together as he takes a short break to refuel and rest from biking and birding fundrasier. This is the first leg of Dorian’s Journey across the county. We will get into the birds Dorian has seen, type of equipment and gear he has onboard to situations Dorian has encountered plus much more.

Biking for Birds is a year-long environmental odyssey aimed at protecting wild birds and their habitats. During this twelve-month endeavor,  which commenced January 1 from Cape Ann, Massachusetts., geneticist Dr. Dorian Anderson, a Philadelphia native, hopes to see and photograph 600 species of birds while pedaling his bike 15,000 miles across the country.

To further eliminate a carbon footprint during his travels, Dr. Anderson will not have a support vehicle to assist him; everything he needs will be carried on Dorian’s  back and his bicycle. This Big Year permutation will certainly add an unprecedented level of adventure to the endeavor, and it should set a new standard for environmentally sustainable travel.

The immediate goals of this endeavor are three-fold. First, I want to find as many bird species as possible. If I can complete the proposed route, I should find between 550 and 600 species. I hope my efforts to achieve this goal will promote heightened interest in birds, bird watching, and bird conservation. Second, I hope Biking For Birds will showcase the bicycle as a healthy and environmentally sustainable form of transportation. Third, I have partnered with both The Conservation Fund and the American Birding Association. and I hope to raise $100,000 (or more!) on behalf of these organizations that focus on land conservation and promotion of birdwatching, respectively. – Dorian Anderson

Corporate partner Best Western will provide him with lodging, and 100 percent of all donations raised will go to The Conservation Fund and The American Birding Association. Those who wish to donate or follow Dr. Anderson’s epic adventure should visit his blog at bikingforbirds.blogspot.com



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