BirdCallsRadio Celebrates 100th Show

Northern Parula, Spring, Magee Marsh, Ohio. ©Townsend P. Dickinson All Rights Reserved.

BirdCallsRadio Celebrates 100th Show!

Connecticut – We are excited to announce BirdCallsRadio’s 100th episode is coming up on August 24th 2017. We will have a special guest for this episode, for now, we are keeping this guest under our feathers. So let’s celebrate! Please join us.

Needless to say, BCR would not be possible without the extremely generous support provided by the virtual who’s who of the American birding community who have made the time available for an in depth interview or two. These interviews have been designed to share their contributions with the birding and natural history community across the nation, and yes, around the world. Thanks are also due to those organizations who have supported BCR through an advertisement. These two support elements combine to take this good idea into a weekly reality. My appreciation for this is beyond measure.

Would you like to be a part of this wonderful celebration, and help us keep the momentum going? If so, please considering advertising with us, either through a print or radio spots advertisement with BirdCallsRadio?

BirdCallsRadio™ has available weekly online & audio spot advertising on our website and podcast. Do you have a product or service that appeals to the birders, and others interested in conservation and the natural world? Your advertisement will be heard and seen in local, regional, national and worldwide markets long after the show has aired; through BCR archives, Social media, BCR iTunes, Stitcher & other podcast directories supporting all MAC & PC platforms + Mobil.

Our current run demonstrates that we are executing on our plan to produce 48 shows in a year, which equals 12 shows a quarter. The shows air on Thursdays. We request that all advertisers supply completed online print logos in Jpeg 300 X 228 format and completed radio spots in wav or mp3 file format.

If your interested, please request our BCR Media package for our advertising rates on print or radio spots you prefer by contacting or phone, USA 1-203-846-0359. We request payment in full prior to placement. Credit Card Payments are available online through BirdCallsRadio website or directly at our office.

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