BirdCallsRadio Reboots!


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May 19, 2016                                                                              Mardi Dickinson 203-846-0359
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BirdCallsRadio Reboots

Yes that’s right, it’s back. BirdCallsRadio worldwide is pleased to announce the reboot of the show with host Mardi Welch Dickinson. She will continue to bring exciting and forward thinking guests including birders, artists, educators, authors, scientists, and organizations to interested listeners through the restart of the show, recorded in a new state-of-the-art digital broadcasting studio which enables location reporting from birding and conservation hot spots.

New guests, as before, will include key players with interests in bird identification, conservation, equipment, gardening, nature tours, and ornithology. The format and delivery method of the content will change slightly to streamline content delivery. We are moving from radio style delivery format to polished podcasts.

The next guest is Judy Davis a longtime birdwatcher and conservationist who identified the arrival of the Great White Pelican, an extreme rarity from Africa, on Sanibel Island, Florida in February of 2016. She tells us all about the events that transpired before the pelican departed for parts unknown.

Our goal is to get beyond a few sounds bytes through in depth conversations designed to provide a more thorough examination of a given subject. In a new twist, we will occasionally feature expert guest co-hosts to complement the featured guest. We are excited too about plans for on location mobil reporting from birding and conservation hot spots around the world and through regular and timely field updates.

We are building on the successful efforts of our first 36 months. In that time BirdCallsRadio™ developed a unique voice worldwide in all matters relating to wild birds and conservation. There is simply no other media outlet with the same broad scope and in depth content anywhere. Stats indicate that we had unique listeners tuned in from 42 States and 104 Countries. People can listen to us by worldwide live streaming, or through recorded shows on their computers, smart phones or tablets on both Mac & PC platforms. Free content is available from the BCR website or through downloaded BCR iTunes podcasts.

Guests and co-hosts Inquiries are now under consideration and bookings for future shows are ongoing. If you are interested in joining the growing line-up please contact us for consideration.  Advertising Rates are also available now for website ads and air time spots including Affiliate Partnerships.

For more information about BirdCallsRadio Show,, call (203) 846-0359 or email

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