Yellow-throated Warbler, spring migrant, male, Mondo Pond, Milford, CT ©Townsend P. Dickinson Lis# D7F3727 All rights Reserved.

Yellow-throated Warbler, A Southern Overshoot

This warbler generally breeds south of us and commonly winters in southern portions of the Gulf Coast States.

Louisiana Waterthrush Warbler, aggressive stance on mossy branch near stream, River Road, Kent, CT ©Townsend P. Dickinson Lis# DSC8573 All rights Reserved.

Louisiana Waterthrush Back

The Louisiana Waterthrush is another of the expected early spring Warblers to return to the Northeast.

Palm Warbler, Western form, spring migrant, foraging in forest opening along Lake Erie, Magee Marsh Wildlife Area, Oak Harbor, Ohio. ©Townsend P. Dickinson Lis# CD7F3744 All rights Reserved.

Palm Warbler Early Spring Arrival

This hardy warbler comes in two flavors…

Yellow-rumped Warbler, Myrtle form, male, spring migrant, pauses while foraging, East Rocks Park, New Haven, CT.©Townsend P. Dickinson Lis# D7F3159 All rights Reserved.

Spring Yellow-rumped Warbler

The Myrtle Warbler is the eastern version. The Audubon form is commonly found in the west, and the Goldman’s Warbler is found mainly in the western highlands of Guatemala.

Pine Warbler, male, on territory, spring, Earthplace Nature Center, Westport, CT Townsend P. Dickinson Lis# D7F2037 All Rights Reserved

Happy Spring from the Returning Pine Warblers

Usually the first clue of it’s return is a strident and repeating wee-hu or trill call high in a nearby evergreen tree.

Happy National Bird Day from BirdCallsRadio

Happy National Bird Day from BirdCallsRadio

Celebrate National Bird Day with BirdCallsRadio!

Season's Greetings from BirdCallsRadio

Season’s Greetings from BirdCallsRadio 2022

Wishing all a joyous holiday.

Yellow Warbler, spring, feeding on new growth Willow sp. catkin, Birdcraft Museum CAS, Fairfield, CT ©Townsend P. Dickinson Lis# DSC0905.jpg

Spring Warbler Trees. The Green Wave, Willow/Salix sp

Insect associates have a long and evolved relationship with the Willows their attendance is not accidental.

Northern Parula Warbler, male, spring migrant, foraging foraging for insects in new growth Red Maple samaras East Rocks Park, New Haven, CT ©Townsend P. Dickinson Lis# DSC8766.jpg

Spring Warbler Trees. The Green Wave, Red Maples

Red Maples come to life in the spring green wave, first the red flowers pop then the fruit…


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