Coming up this week on Bird Calls

Birds don’t take a holiday and neither does Bird Calls Radio. Yes, there is a new Bird Calls coming up this Sunday (Christmas Day.) Make Bird Calls a part of your holiday this year _ how cool would that be?

I will interview Dennis Varza, a long-time Connecticut birder and conservationist. Dennis is currently working on The Archives of Connecticut Bird Records and is traveling throughout the state collecting published sightings of birds in the state. He is amassing a huge data base for reference and this is tremendous undertaking. Tune in to find out why he is devoting so much time to this and what he’s unearthed so far.

Dennis was instrumental in staring both the Connecticut Warbler and the Connecticut Ornithological Association. He is also currently researching the relationship between barnacles and gulls and the relationship between oysterbeds and sea ducks.

So be sure to tune into Bird Calls Radio this Christmas Day on WGCH AM1490 or “listen live” above.

Thanks everybody and Merry Christmas!

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