BCR 091: Biggest Week Festival 2017 Snippets

On today’s show, I am reporting live from several different locations in Northwest Ohio. This area is a world renowned migrant trap during spring migration of songbirds. Many people flock here to get their fill of warblers and other little gems at this time of year. I am also attending the Biggest Week in American Birding Festival, now in it’s eight year, that takes place at the same time. This festival is hosted by the Black Swamp Bird Observatory, under the guidance of Executive Director, Kimberly Kaufman and an incredible team of staff and numerous volunteers.

Many people from around the world agreed to be interviewed by me for this episode of BirdCallsRadio and they tell us why they come to this area for this segment called Biggest Week Snippets.

This is one of my favorite places to visit annually in the spring as it always fills my heart and soul with hope seeing these beautiful songbirds that make the long northward journey from the Caribbean, Central and South America to their breeding grounds.

Plus, I look forward to next year’s Biggest Week 2018 that will take place from May 4-13, 2018.

Thank you to all the wonderful people who took time from birding and were kind enough to stop and share their thoughts with me for episode #091 on BirdCallsRadio.

Show Notes:

Biggest Week Birding Festival & Magee Marsh Interview Moments in Northwest Ohio.

  • Marie from PA
  • Richie & Diana Clarke from Ottawa Canada
  • Loylia & Chuck Estis from Tenn
  • Barb Stumin from Florida
  • Moushanadi from India, now living in Michigan.
  • Tom & Mike from OH
  • Sandra from Ontario Canada
  • Laura Guerard OH

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