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We are excited to showcase another NEW series called “Women In Conservation.” I am honored to have as our first distinguished guest in this series Laura Erickson who will be joining me this week on Thursday, June 29, 2017. Laura is the first and only woman recipient of the American Birding Association’s prestigious Roger Tory Peterson Award. Laura has been talking about birds since she memorized the “Bird” entry in her family’s encyclopedia when she was a preschooler. She whistled in a cardinal when she was very little. Click on BirdCallsRadio Check out our Guest Appearances for our upcoming & past guests.

We been working non-stop to bring the BCR community a fantastic lineup of exciting guests continuing throughout this year, airing weekly, right here on BirdCallsRadio. You can listen to all our all our shows by streaming directly from the BCR website. All BCR Podcasts are archived here. BCR shows are also available on Mac via iTunes and Android/PC by Stitcher platforms if you choose. You can easily sign up with just a click through our website on the right hand side column. 

What better way to enjoy the best podcast about wild birds and conservation  than by listening to our podcast anywhere, anytime and anyplace. We at BCR have continued to develop a unique voice, worldwide, in all matters relating to wild birds and conservation. There is simply no other media outlet with the same broad scope and in depth content anywhere!

In addition to our new series called – Women In Conservation, the Know Your Bird Calls™ segment is returning, so try your ear on the next song and figure out who the call belongs too.  We are planning Swag Give A-ways so stay tuned in.

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