BCR 122: David Lindo, The Urban Birder

David Lindo is The Urban Birder – broadcaster, writer, speaker and tour leader. His mission is to engage city folk around the world with the plentiful urban nature that surrounds them. He has written countless articles on urban birds, urban conservation and wildlife in general for many websites, publications and magazines and has written the Forwards toseveral books. He is a regular television and radio presenter and has been featured on the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 in the UK as well as other TV and radio channels around the world including CBS in the United States.

David is a Fellow of the International League of Conservation Writers and a member of the British Travel Writers Guild. He is the Founder of Britain’s Vote National Bird Campaign in 2015 that resulted in over 226,000 votes, Tower 42 Bird Study Group and is on the committee of The Friends Of Wormwood Scrubs. He is the author of The Urban Birder (Bloomsbury) his successful first book that was published in August 2011 and Tales From Concrete Jungles (Bloomsbury) in 2015. He has two new books to be launched in 2018 – #Urban Birding (Kosmos) April and How To Be An Urban Birder (Princeton/Wildguides) July. He is a proud Ambassador for Leica Birding and the London Wildlife Trust and a Patron of the Alderney Wildlife Trust and Birding For All – charity dedicated to facilitating access to nature reserves for disabled people. David was recently named as the 7th most influential person in wildlife by BBC Wildlife Magazine.

CONTEST: Can you guess what bird is David Lindo’s favorite bird. Q What bird does David Lindo love more that any other bird in the world? David gives you a hint somewhere in the inteview. Take a guess and leave your answer in the comment section below this post and you may WIN 1 or 2 of his new books coming out this year 2018! Good luck to all as I will post the results at the end of this week so all can participate.

Show Notes:

  • David you are the Urban Birder a broadcaster, writer, speaker and tour leader with your own tour company the Urban Birder that specializes in unlikely birding sites around the world.
  • What got you into birds and nature in the first place?
  • You teach people field craft, optics and how to find their own patch, in addition to the typical bird lore of identification and migration; this is not the typical bird tour approach. What lead you to develop this approach?
  • What elements should be sought to locate a good local patch?
  • You give advice on buying a pair of binoculars, can you share the highlights with our audience.
  • What are the good bird field guides in use in the British Isle and Europe?
  • Once you found your patch, what steps can people take to look after it on behalf of the birds?
  • In a forest or a field, you develop a search pattern for birds based on habitat and expectations. When you bird a city what search patterns do you develop, are there certain kinds of birds that you anticipate in certain environments?
  • What ties Urban Birders together?
  • You once told about a tour to a location in Eastern Europe where roosting owls had learned to roost in close proximity in a village due to threats faced by individuals roosting in rural agricultural countryside.
  • What is your favorite urban birding site/location or do you have several?
  • What newly discovered urban places can you share with our audience?
  • You are a patron for Birding For All – a charity set up to champion access for disabled birders. Tell us about your thoughts on the access for disabled people?
  • You are the author of several books with two new ones coming out this year and they are #UrbanBirding (Kosmos) and How To Be An Urban Birder (Princeton).
  • The BBC Wildlife Magazine recently voted and named you the 7th most influential person in Wildlife.
  • What advice do you have for the young person who is interested in the natural world and despite peer pressure and sage counsel still wants to chase the dream?
  • What is the most interesting bird you have seen so far? And what bird still eludes you?

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David Lindo – The Urban Birder

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