BCR 146: Juliana Barrett, Climate Change & Coastal Management

Juliana Barrett is with the University of Connecticut Sea Grant College Program and the Department of Extension. Her work focuses on climate change adaptation and coastal habitat management working with Connecticut’s municipalities, NGO’s and state and federal partners. Prior to coming to Sea Grant in 2006 she worked as a private consultant and for The Nature Conservancy as the Director of the Connecticut River Tidelands Last Great Places Program. She has a doctorate in plant ecology from the University of Connecticut and is a co-author of the Vegetation of Connecticut.

Show Notes:

  • What led to your Ph.D in Plant Ecology and Evolutionary Biology?
  • To help young people interested in a science career, tell us about your degree path.
  • When and why did you start to work with communities on climate adaptation?
  • What do you do with Connecticut Sea Grant and Dept of Extension?
  • Have you seen evidence of climate change here in Connecticut?
  • What are the most serious potential consequences of climate change in Connecticut?
  • What are challenges a community, individuals, municipalities and state officials must deal with regarding ecological changes such as rising sea level and habitat loss?
  • looking ahead to 50 years from now, what actual effects would likely be evident to coastal communities if climate change continues as expected?
  • What is the UConn Climate Corps, how is it funded and who benefits?
  • How are students helping communities in Connecticut.
  • You are co-author of the “Vegetation of Connecticut”.

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