BCR 181: Wildlife Telemetry

On todays show are my next guests, Michael Lanzone, CEO; Casey Halverson COO; David LaPuma, PhD., Director of Global Market Development from Cellular Tracking Technologies. This conversation will give you a deep dive into the world of wildlife Telemetry.

The founders of Cellular Tracking Technologies have over 40 years of telemetry research experience between them. In 2007, when not satisfied with the current products on the market, they created Cellular Tracking Technologies in order to bring the newest innovations and highest levels of service to the wildlife research market. Cellular Tracking Technologies is a small and nimble company that constantly strives to make improvements to our telemetry units and data visualization systems for both customer and our own satisfaction. In 2019, we are celebrating our 12th year as the world’s leading wildlife telemetry company.











Show Notes:

  • Explain telemetry for the lay person.
  • Talk about the downside of all this technology.
  • Who are the potential users of CTT telemetry products.
  • It is one thing to track a critter around a particular area or region, but it is quiet another to track a small songbird that travels from Canada to South America and back in a year.
  • What role does the Cornell Ornithology Lab have in the development of trackers?
  • New LifeTag tracker can be deployed on songbirds.
  • Walk us through the concepts of sensor stations, nodes and locators.
  • The needs of the researchers in the field are paramount to you success, how do you work with researchers to develop solutions to real world problems?
  • What is Argos and how does if differ from the similar service from Iridium?
  • Difference between GPS and GNSS and which is better?
  • Tell us about the preference for UHF for LifeTag and PowerTags.
  • Give us some examples of positive results derived from use of your trackers.
  • What is the internet of wildlife?

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Cellular Tracking Technologies (CTT)


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