BCR 194: Phil Gregory, Birds of Paradise & Bowerbirds

My guest today is author Phil Gregory. We will be talking with Phil from Australia about his latest book called “Birds Of Paradise and Bowerbirds; An Identification Guide by Phil Gregory, Illustrated by Richard Allen, published by Princeton University Press on Feb 25, 2020.

Phil has been interested in birds since the demise of the steam trains when he was about 11. Born in Southampton, England he first came to Australia in 1977, but got side-tracked, and spent the next twenty years living and birding in Nigeria, Zambia, the Falkland Islands and Papua New Guinea.

Phil’s major interests are field identification, vocalizations, and the geographic distribution of birds. He is also a writer with assorted contributions to many reference books including Handbook of Birds of the World and Field Guide to the Birds of New Guinea.

Phil is a well-known tour leader, working for Field Guides Inc. and Sicklebill Safaris, and is one of Australia’s foremost birders. He is also one of the most experienced New Guinea guides with many tours led there ever since 1998. 

NOTE: Thanks to Phil Gregory for the use of the Book Cover Illustration, Audio of Bird songs and photographs in this post are solely used for this specific BirdCallsRadio™ & podcast Article, BCR 194: Phil Gregory, Birds of Paradise & Bowerbirds: Photo and Audio of Birdsongs Courtsey by ©Phil Gregory. All Rights Reserved. Audio, Illustrations and Photographs may not be used in any form without written permission. Please respect the wishes of the copyright holders.

Show Notes:

  • Two very different families of birds
  • State boundaries of the region
  • Wallace Line in Sulawesi
  • King of Saxony Bird of Paradise
  • Types of displays Birds of Paradise
  • Bowerbirds
  • Former Birds of Paradise
  • Threats and conservation efforts
  • People who live among these birds
  • Tim Laman and Ed Scholes

Mentioned In Episode:

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