BCR 193: Marky Mutchler, LSU Biology Student

Marky Mutchler, LSU Biology Student and BCR’s 3rd guest in our series called Pay It Forward™ swoops and talks with Mardi Dickinson about LSU, Brazilian Expedition and her life and interests.

In the third year of her biology degree, Marky (20) is still as keen as ever on pursuing a career in ornithology. Upon graduating, she plans to start her PhD in evolutionary biology. Attending LSU, she has had many opportunities to work in both lab and field settings. She has recently returned from the very first all-women ornithological expedition which was located in the remote depths of the Brazilian Amazon. The expedition focused on honoring Emilie Snethlage, a pioneer in ornithology and exploration in the Amazon in Brazil. In addition to joining this expedition, Marky is also currently working on several genetics-based projects and hopes to have much of this published for presentation at several international conferences in the near future.

Marky has also been involved in several activities close to home. In addition to being the American Birding Association’s 2015 Young Birder of the Year, Marky has also spent the last several years guiding at multiple birding festivals around the US. She has even had the opportunity to work with and share the conservation success story of the once-endangered Kirtland’s Warbler. Marky hopes that the coming decade will bring even more opportunities to share her passion for birds with others and inspire more people, especially women in STEM.

Show Notes:

  • Factors influenced your early life.
  • Expedition to the Brazilian Amazon.
  • Emilie Snethlage pioneering ornithology in the Amazon.
  • 2015 the American Birding Association choose you as the Young Birder of the Year.
  • Your connection with the Kirkland’s Warbler.
  • You currently are deep into genetic research on Amazon birds.
  • Development of song and nocturnal flight calls in migrating song birds.
  • Lumping or splitting.
  • Artistic side with recent Front Cover for The Wilson Journal of Ornithology.
  • How has LSU supported your efforts to work towards your goals.

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  1. Bill Callis on February 26, 2020 at 12:52 pm

    You all are incredible! Fabulous podcast Mardi. You go deep with thoughtful questions with a variety of great guests, including the younger generation like this show.

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