International Migratory Bird Day is tomorrow. Get out there and bird!

International Bird Migration Day

(See below for photos of some common spring migrants!)

International Migratory Bird Day 2012 will be held tomorrow (Saturday, May 12)! Straight from its website (, International Migratory Bird Day is a celebration of migrant birds and was “created in 1993, and the event is now hosted at over 500 sites throughout the Western Hemisphere, reaching hundreds of thousands of youth and adults.”

Also, according to its website: “As part of the 20th anniversary celebrations, the annual bird conservation theme will focus on 20 ways people may help preserve birds every day.  The theme is highlighted in the 2012 art created by Rafael Lopez.  The lively piece reflects the joy, curiosity, and beauty of birds, while sharing the importance of community in bird conservation.”

So go out and celebrate this day, whether at a festival, at a local park or preserve, or even in your own backyard. Below are some photo of migrant birds you may come across.

Listen to Michael Moccio and Patrick Dugan talk about an event taking place Saturday at Cove Island Park in Stamford, Ct., in celebration of the Day. Go to BCR Archives above on header.

Migration periods are great for adding to your life list. Listen to this old BirdCallsRadio archive featuring Connecticut birder Frank Mantlik as he discusses how he had found so many birds in the state. Go to BCR Archives above on header.

Good luck birding and let me know what you find out there.

Scarlet Tanager ©Chris Bosak All Rights Resevered

Black and white warbler by Chris Bosak (copyright, all rights reserved)

Bobolink by Chris Bosak (copyright all rights reserved)

Thrush, photo by Chris Bosak, copyright all rights reserved

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