Migration continues in full force (listen to this informative archive on migration)

Black and white warbler by Chris Bosak (copyright, all rights reserved)

Every day more and more warblers and songbirds are showing up on their annual journey to their breeding sites. Some will continue northward, some will remain with us and raise their families here. No doubt, it’s an exciting time of year for birdwatchers. Many would consider the spring songbird migration to be the most exciting time of year for birding.

What are you seeing out there? Let me know by dropping me a line here.

For more on the ins and outs of songbird migration, click here to listen to a BirdCallsRadio archive featuring guest Townsend Dickinson. http://twitter.com/#!/TownyDickinson. This originally aired in the spring of 2011. Towny is an expert on warblers and other songbirds and his insights on migration are unique and vastly informative. Want to learn more about migration, click here: 04-16-11 Bird Calls with spots



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