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BCR 192: Bernd Heinrich, White Feathers

Bernd Heinrich, the author of the newly anticipated book, White Feathers, The Nesting Lives of Tree Swallows sits down with Mardi Dickinson for this exclusive publication date talk on all things Tree Swallows.

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BCR 191: Tom Wood, Ash Canyon Bird Sanctuary Saved

Tom Wood is the co-founder of the Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory, buzzes by to talk with us on all things Arizona.

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BCR 190: Ted Gilman, Senior Naturalist

Ted Gilman, Senior Naturalist and Education Specialist for Greenwich Audubon and BCR’s 9th guest in our featured series called “For The Record, Legacy Interviews.”

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BCR 189: Tricia Miller Ph.D. Golden Eagles

Tricia Miller, Ph.D. Executive Director, Senior Research Wildlife Biologist for Conservation Science Global, soars by to talk with Mardi Dickinson about tracking and studying Golden Eagles for over a decade! 

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BCR 188: Mark Stackhouse, Tropical Birder

Mark Stackhouse, Tropical Birder, fly’s by to talk exclusively with Mardi Dickinson about San Blas, Nayarit, Mexico and it’s spectacular birding areas.

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BCR 187: Richard Crossley, The ID Boot Camp

An Internationally acclaimed birder, photographer and author fly’s by to talk exclusively with Mardi Dickinson about his past projects and his NEW venture, The ID Boot Camp.

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BCR 186: BirdCallsRadio NEWS REEL

BirdCallsRadio NEWS REEL reflects on our endeavors for 2019 and looks at what’s ahead for an exciting year in 2020! Including NEW BCR Opportunities & Coverage.

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BCR 185: Holly Merker, Environmental Educator

Holly Merker, Environmental Educator sits down with Mardi Dickinson and talks about birds and nature with kids; Frontiers in Ornithology; her roll with eBird and a new venture and co-founder of ID Boot Camp.

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Future Guest Appearances

Dr. John M. Marzluff, a renowned ornithologist and urban ecologist and author stops by to talk about his latest book, In Search of Meadowlarks: Birds, Farms, and Food in Harmony with the Land’. An ornithologist's personal look at sustainable food production compatible with bird and wildlife conservation.

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