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Forum Communications Company Publisher, Mike Jacobs. photo by Jenna Watson/Grand Forks Herald

BCR 158: Mike Jacobs, Former Publisher, Grand Forks Herald

Mike Jacobs is a former Publisher of the Grand Forks Herald Newspaper sits down with host Mardi Dickinson about the region’s birdlife of North Dakota since his youth. Life on the western rim of the Red River Valley and continues to write a column called, “Always In Season”.

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BCR 157: David Ringer, Chief Network Officer, National Audubon

David J. Ringer, Chief Network Officer of the National Audubon sits down with host Mardi Dickinson about the health, vitality, capacity, diversity, and strength of Audubon’s vast distributed network. In addition to David’s defining influences and what got him into birds and the natural world.

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BCR 156: Patricia González, Red Knots

Patricia M. González is a Scientist, field ornithologist, studying migration of Red Knots through the America, flies by to talk with Mardi Dickinson.

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BCR 155: Katrina van Grouw, Author & Illustrator

Katrina van Grouw, Author & Natural History iIlustrator of The Unfeathered Bird and Unnatural Selection, sits down to talk with Mardi Dickinson about her books and being a self-taught scientist with a passion for evolutionary biology and its history.

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BCR 154: Chidi Paige, BirdWiser Inventor

Chidi Paige, who is a scientist and an educator. She is passionate about hands-on science education and learning through play. Chidi is the inventor of the game called BirdWiser™, a suit of fun educational games, flys by to talk with BirdCallsRadio.

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Nancy Langston, author of Sustaining Lake Superior, An Extraordinary Lake in a Changing world sits down with Mardi Dickinson on the interconnected histories of watershed,  human, forest and bird health -- all in the context of climate change. 

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