BCR 102: Pete Dunne, Kevin Karlson

Pete Dunne Is the founding director of the Cape May Bird Observatory and now serves as New Jersey Audubon’s birding ambassador. He lives in Mauricetown, New Jersey

Kevin Karlson is an accomplished birder, tour leader, and wildlife photographer. He is a co-author of The Shorebird Guide and the Petersen Reference Guide to Birding By Impression.

Show Notes:

I’ll ask each of you to describe your role in this impressive book. Pete as the don of this sit-down I’ll ask you to respond first.

  • An owl, or a shrike or even a warbler is not a “bird of prey” even though they actively hunt their prey, what is the origin of the concept, “bird of prey?”
  • This book appears to be limited to birds found in North America as defined by the ABA, tell us about the boundaries, and why they were chosen?
  • Tell us about the incubation of this book, where did it venture from a good idea, to hey we may have a book here?
  • How did you go about nurturing and selling the idea to a publisher?
  • Tell us about the writing process and photo production, through to the publishing process. What were you trying to achieve? What goals and standards did you set for yourselves?
  • Pete, you have been interested in raptors your whole career, what gap, in the existing literature, does this occupy and what compelled you to write another book?
  • Kevin, you have worked on many other books also, how did you define the role you took with the photography for this book? The credit implies that you processed the photos and contributed many of your own photos, what does processed mean? There were several other fine photographers who contributed to book also, who are they and how did they contribute?
  • This is a mighty fine book, it has the makings of a series. I here rumblings that you are considering another project on the bird family. Can you share any details on this project at this time? And 2, If you do one on the gulls, we will be looking forward to your definitive accounts to sort out the Iceland Gull and similar species once and for all.

CONTEST: Answer the question at the end of this show to win a signed copy of the book “The Birds Of Prey” donated by BirdCallsRadio. The winner will be picked out of a hat at random from all correct responses received by Thursday 9/14/17.

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