BCR 144: Gulls Simplified

Today’s guests are Pete Dunne and Kevin Karlson. I’m on location live at New Jersey Audubon’s Center for Research and Education in Cape May Court House NJ.

Pete Dunne Is the founding director of the Cape May Bird Observatory and now serves as New Jersey Audubon’s birding ambassador. He lives in Mauricetown, New Jersey.

Kevin Karlson is an accomplished birder, tour leader, and wildlife photographer. He is a co-author of The Shorebird Guide and the Petersen Reference Guide to Birding By Impression.

Show Notes:

I’ll ask each of you to describe your role in this book. For The Record, First Pete then Kevin.

  • Tell us why you felt the time was ripe for yet another field guide?
  • How many gull species are there in the world, how many are included in this guide?
  • What made you limit the guide to North America?
  • You use photographs extensively in this guide, why photos instead of art or both?
  • There are many photos that contain the gull species under discussion but include other gulls or different species of birds. Please explain your thinking behind such photos.
  • Some gull focus on age patterns of feathers and such, how is your guide designed to help id the gull or phrased in another way, how does your approach make gull identification simpler?
  • You have added lines and notations to some photos to point out feather topography. Is this more useful than a diagram of feather patterns in the intro, what is the rational behind this feature?
  • Some gull species do get confused in the frenzy of breeding season, how do you treat hybrids?
  • How many gulls have distinct subspecies that can be recognized in the field?
  • What is the most difficult gull species to sort out?

NOTE: Thanks to Wildtones/Wildsight Productions, Inc for their generosity of providing BirdCallsRadio with the audio sound of the Laughing Gull used in this show, Gulls Simplified only.

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Purchase Gulls Simplified Book Click here Feather Edge Optics ➨ Princeton University Press

Addendum: BCR 102: Birds Of Prey, Pete Dunne with Kevin T. Karlson 

Cape May Bird Observatory

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