BCR 183: Roger Pasquier, Author of Birds In Winter

Roger F. Pasquier, a lifelong birder and author stops by to talk with Mardi Dickinson about his latest book, “Birds In Winter, Surviving the Most Challenging Season” with the inter-connection to art and conservation.


BCR 182: Keith Mueller, Bird Artist and Sculptor

Keith Mueller, Avian Artist and Bird Sculptor for forty years and author of his latest book just published called, “Half-Sized Great Horned Owl”, sits down with Mardi Dickinson to talk about his love of both the art and the carving world.


BCR 181: Wildlife Telemetry

Michael Lanzone, CEO; Casey Halverson COO; and David LaPuma, Ph.D., Director of Global Market Development from Cellular Tracking Technologies sits down with BirdCallsRadio and gives a deep dive into the world of wildlife Telemetry.


BCR 180: Tom Reed, Visible Migration

Tom Reed is one of few birders who truly calls Cape May County, NJ home. He discovered birds at a young age and was immediately captivated by the spectacle of migration visible from his Reed’s Beach backyard. Tom sits down with Mardi Dickinson and talks all things migration!


BCR 179: Nick Bonomo, Shorebirder

Nick Bonomo is a self-taught, and has been since his teens a birder who resides in Connecticut. His day job is an orthopedic physician assistant, and when Nick is not working, he spends his free time in outdoor pursuits.


BCR 178: Julie Zickefoose, Saving Jemima

Julie Zickefoose, author of the newly anticipated book, Saving Jemima Life and Love with a Hard-Luck Jay sits down with Mardi Dickinson for this exclusive publication date talk on all things Blue Jay, and a chance to win a copy of her newest book!


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