BCR 182: Keith Mueller, Bird Artist and Sculptor

Keith Mueller, Avian Artist and Bird Sculptor for forty years and author of his latest book just published called, “Half-Sized Great Horned Owl”, sits down with Mardi Dickinson to talk about his love of both the art and the carving world.


BCR 181: Wildlife Telemetry

Michael Lanzone, CEO; Casey Halverson COO; and David LaPuma, Ph.D., Director of Global Market Development from Cellular Tracking Technologies sits down with BirdCallsRadio and gives a deep dive into the world of wildlife Telemetry.


BCR 180: Tom Reed, Visible Migration

Tom Reed is one of few birders who truly calls Cape May County, NJ home. He discovered birds at a young age and was immediately captivated by the spectacle of migration visible from his Reed’s Beach backyard. Tom sits down with Mardi Dickinson and talks all things migration!


BCR 179: Nick Bonomo, Shorebirder

Nick Bonomo is a self-taught, and has been since his teens a birder who resides in Connecticut. His day job is an orthopedic physician assistant, and when Nick is not working, he spends his free time in outdoor pursuits.


BCR 178: Julie Zickefoose, Saving Jemima

Julie Zickefoose, author of the newly anticipated book, Saving Jemima Life and Love with a Hard-Luck Jay sits down with Mardi Dickinson for this exclusive publication date talk on all things Blue Jay, and a chance to win a copy of her newest book!


BCR 177: Arthur Singer, American Master

Paul Singer, co-author of Arthur Singer, The Wildlife Art of an American Master sits down with Mardi Dickinson to talk about his father’s wildlife art.


BCR 176: Nancy Grant, Binge Birding

Nancy Grant, a working journalist, field naturalist and author of “Binge Birding, Twenty Days with Binoculars”, fly’s by BirdCallsRadio to talk about her solo road trip from Kentucky through multiple states and all along the Texas Gulf Coast looking at birds that turned into an almost 4,000 mile adventure.


BCR 175: Jason Guerard, BSBO Outreach Director

Jason Guerard is Outreach Director, Black Swamp Bird Observatory and Events Coordinator for The Biggest Week in American Birding stops by to talk with Mardi Dickinson about exploring the woods on his family farm to an update on his life in NW Ohio.


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