BCR 110: Connecticut Bird Atlas

The Connecticut Bird Atlas will map all species found in the state during both breeding,nesting and nonbreeding ,non-nesting seasons. Bird Calls Radio talks with Chris Elphick to clarify this important Breeding Bird Survey project.

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Westport CT CBC 2017 Norwalk Islands, CT. l. to r. Mardi Dickinson, Compiler; Capt Charlie Wetmore; Morgan Wetmore; Townsend Dickinson Co-Compiler; Larry Flynn. ©Mardi Welch Dickinson /KymryGroup™ All Rights Reserved.

BCR 109: Westport CT CBC

Bird Calls Radio reports on the Westport CT Christmas Bird Count by joining a field party on count day.

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Helen Hays, Director of Great Gull Island Project ©Joe DiCostanzo All Rights Reserved

BCR 108: Helen Hays, Great Gull Island

Helen Hays has directed, since 1969, the ongoing Tern Research project on Great Gull Island designed to study and preserve this major colony for the American Museum of Natural History in New York City, which gained control of the Island in 1949. Today, Great Gull Island tern colony makes this the largest such colony of Roseate’s in the Western Hemisphere.

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BCR 107: Paul Baicich

Paul Baicich Co-Author of The Crossley ID Guide Waterfowl stops by to talk with Bird Calls Radio on saving waterfowl and wetlands, wing cutouts, food, and conservation.

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BCR 106: Mark Garland, Monarch Monitoring Project

Mark Garland is the Director of the Cape May Monarch Monitoring Project and teaches week-long birding programs in Cape May for the Road Scholar program.

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BCR 105: Richard Crossley

Richard Crossley joins Bird Calls Radio to talk about his newest book The Crossley ID Guide Waterfowl and the bigger picture of the whole of the natural world and conservation.

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