BCR 119: Corrie Folsom-O’Keefe, Bird Conservation Manager

Corrie Folsom-O’Keefe is the Bird Conservation Program Manager for Audubon Connecticut joins Host Mardi Dickinson to talk about Piping Plovers, shrub land birds, IBA’s, Wild Life Guards, Being a pilot and Civil Air Patrol.

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BCR 118: Hob Osterlund, Holy Moli

Hob Osterlund is the founder of Kauai Albatross Network and author of the book Holy Moli, Albatross and Other Ancestors; joins BirdCallsRadio to talk about Albatrosses on Kauai.

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BCR 117: Scott Weidensaul, Author and Naturalist

Scott Weidensaul, Author, and Naturalist stops by to talk with Host Mardi Dickinson about his life-long work and projects on conservation and the natural world.

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BCR 116: Stephen Kress, Project Puffin

Stephen Kress, Vice President for Bird Conservation of the National Audubon Society, Executive Director of the Seabird Restoration Program, Project Puffin; stops by to talk with BirdCallsRadio about his life-long work in seabird conservation, management, and habitat restoration.

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BCR 115: Noah Strycker, Birding Without Borders

Noah Strycker, Birder and Author stops by BirdCallsRadio to talk about his adventures to become the first person to see half the world’s birds in one year with a backpack! 

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BCR 114: Floyd Scholz, Master Bird Carver

Floyd Scholz, Master Bird Carver stops by BirdCallsRadio to talk about his life long work, techniques and his love of the natural world and that inspired his fascination with large crested eagles.

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