BCR 104: Lucas Stephenson, Young Birder

Lucas Stephenson is our first guest in a new featured series called “Pay It Forward” on this episode and talks to BirdCallsRadio about his 11 years of birding and travel adventures as a young birder.

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BCR 103: Mike Parr Part 2

Mike Parr, President of the American Bird Conservancy, Part 2 in Washington DC stops by again to continue our conservation on recent concerns involving migratory bird conservation of wild birds.

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BCR 102: Pete Dunne, Kevin Karlson

Pete Dunne with Kevin Karlson on their lastest book, “Birds of Prey”. Known both for their lifelong devotion to wildlife, conservation and protection of all living birds, joins BirdCallsRadio live on location to talk with us.

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BCR 101: Mike Parr, President, American Bird Conservancy

Mike Parr, President of the American Bird Conservancy has a lifelong devotion to wildlife conservation joins BirdCallsRadio to talk about Extinction, Migration and Conservation.

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BCR 100: Victor Emanuel  

Victor Emanuel is our fifth guest in this series called “For The Record, Legacy Interviews” Featured on our 100th Episode, talks to BirdCallsRadio about his 69 years of birding and travel adventures.

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BCR 099: Debi Shearwater

Debi Love Shearwater is our fourth guest in a series called “For The Record, Legacy interviews”, talks to BirdCallsRadio about her passion for pelagic trips, the natural world and lifelong contributions to wild birds and conservation. Debi is a world traveler well known for establishing Shearwater Journeys inc, a company which has offered pelagic trips from California since 1976.

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